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Mobile Headstock Cutting

Diameter from 1 mm to 32 mm
Large and small lengths
for medium and large series.

  • CITIZEN C32 8-axis CNC lathes
  • CITIZEN C16 8-axis CNC lathes
  • CITIZEN L20 7-axis CNC lathes
  • CITIZEN L32 7-axis CNC lathes
  • CITIZEN B20 7-axis CNC lathes

Fixed Headstock Cutting Up to 60mm

Mobile Headstock Cutting Up to 42mm

  • BEGLIA CNC 3-axis lathes
  • MIYANO BNA42 lathes, 7 axes with mobile X2 counter spindle.


  • HAAS CNC 4-Axis Machining Centers
  • SIGMA EKKON CNC 4-axis machining centers

Fixed and mobile headstock with cams, diameter from 4 mm to 80 mm

  • MANURHIN towers
  • TORNOS lathes
  • BECHET towers

Recovery Machines

  • Semi-automatic lathes
  • Semi-automatic milling machines
  • Cycled milling machines
  • Tapping machines
  • Cri-Dan
  • Drills
  • Log splitters
  • Transfer Machines
  • Presses from 3 T to 40 T


CENTERLESS MICROREX grinding machines


Lapping machines SUNNEN FENWICK

Polishing and Sandblasting

  • BULA-MICRO: Automatic polishing machines with continuous rotation table 12 stations
  • Sandblasting cabins
  • XXL sandblasters 500/690 L

Thread rolling

Roller Rolling Machines PEE WEE 25T and 10T

Degreasing and Preparation Parts

  • Degreasing centers
  • Tribo-Finish
  • Ultrasound machines

Control and Monitoring Equipment

  • Profile Spotlights
  • Measurement Columns
  • Roughness meters
  • Binoculars
  • Optical Meters
  • Internal Groove Digital Indicators
  • 3D Measuring Machines
  • Threaded plugs and rings
  • Smooth rods

IT equipment

  • ESPRIT CAM Software